Archbishop Cordileone

Canticle Endorsement from Archbishop Cordileone

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Ann Carr Wilson for more than 15 years in my roles as Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego, Bishop of Oakland and Archbishop of San Francisco.  In 2018 I tasked Mary Ann with the mission to build a youth schola.  She faithfully accepted my request and surpassed all expectations. She continues to consult and advise us as a sacred music consultant at Benedict XVI Institute. She is a faithful Catholic and gifted musician.  With her vast knowledge base in sacred music coupled with engaging instructional methods, she directs choirs, gives vocal coaching and has decades of experience as a soloist.  Mary Ann trained with world class mentors in Gregorian chant and holds the belief that we must preserve sacred music for future generations and across all ages.  The mission of Canticle is to help Catholic youth, their families, their churches and audiences to cultivate a connection to God through sacred music chant.  It is critical to steward, preserve, and pass on this uniquely Catholic tradition of ancient musical prayer so that younger generations will be able to carry it into the future.  I wholeheartedly endorse this holy organization and its Director, Mary Ann Carr Wilson.  

About Us

Many Catholics experience a lack of reverence in the Mass, which leads to a lack of connection to God. Our solution is to help people unlock the beauty of timeless music in a way that brings joy and peace.

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Jubilate Deo Choir

Jubilate Deo Choir, a SATB Youth Schola of 60 young Catholics ages 8-18 that sings Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, as well as Some English and Spanish hymns.

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Recordings featuring the Jubilate Deo Choir, chant and polyphony.


Chant Camps

Interactive camps provide young people with a multi-disciplinary educational experience in a Summer day camp. This format has also worked as special school-wide events at Catholic schools.

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From a few hours to a few days, we have a proven record of offering engaging chant instruction to a wide variety of groups working toward the goal of increased liturgical participation.

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Especially helpful for busy priests and choral leaders looking to expand repertoire, we provide experienced private and semi-private coaching, guiding clients toward increased confidence and freedom in singing.

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