Mary Ann Carr Wilson, Exec. Director

Looking for a deeper sense of the sacred?

Many Catholics experience a lack of reverence in the Mass, which leads to a lack of connection to God. Our solution is to help people unlock the beauty of timeless music in a way that brings joy and peace.
Gregorian chant is intended for Everyone. We know how to make learning chant simple and prayerful.
We are degreed musicians and teach you from a place of vocal expertise.
We are Catholics in good standing, and pray with you from the heart of the Catholic Church.
There Really IS Something for Everyone!

With a repertoire of tens of thousands of pieces of music ranging from a simple “Amen” to the simple “Salve Regina” to elaborate Holy Week chants, there is room to grow for people with all levels of experience.
The truth is, God has designed people to sing.  Our credentialed voice instructors guide participants in finding their own voice.

What’s the Basic Idea of Gregorian Chant?

In a nutshell: to glorify God and help people pray. God is so Good and so Holy that we (like the ancient Hebrews) decorate all our prayers, clothing them with song in a way that reaches upwards and unites us in our public worship. The chant winds up to God like incense, and illuminates the text of the prayers like stained-glass

Why is Chant So Special?

It is largely due to the unique blending of text (most commonly from the Psalms, the Gospels, and the writings of the Saints) and melody in a free rhythm. No wonder that the Church has retained Gregorian chant as having “pride of place”, also translated as “principal place”, in the sacred liturgy.

Through the use of patterns found in Gregorian chant, and the integration of our bodily strength, we have an opportunity to amplify and extend our prayers to God through this meditative singing. This fosters recollection and opens the senses to more fully

Mary Ann Carr Wilson, Bio

Mary Ann holds a B.M. and an M.M. from San Diego State University. Her post-graduate work has centered in the areas of vocal pedagogy and study with Gregorian chant masters in the U.S. and France.

Having served nine years as Music Director director at St. Anne Catholic Church in San Diego, Mary Ann led adult and youth choirs that specialized in Gregorian chant and renaissance polyphony. It was there she developed the Chant Camp program, a week-long immersion in the liturgical catechesis and the study of chant, tailored to young people and adapted for Catholic schools as well. Since the program launched in 2010, the Chant Camp has combined fun and faith formation at a variety of parishes and schools throughout California, and is now receiving national and international requests. 

She directs the San Diego Catholic Youth Choir. This SATB ensemble of children ages 8-18 specializes in Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony. 

Mary Ann also offers training courses for music teachers, choir directors, and Cantors to be able to lead their own camps and/or implement more sacred music into existing programs. She has led numerous workshops and courses across the country for adults, families, seminarians, and college students.

Mary Ann serves on the faculty of the Church Musician Association of America, and has recently teamed up with renowned chant scholar Dr. William Mahrt to lead a series of workshops at Stanford University.

Believing that Gregorian chant uniquely fosters a sense of peace and joy that connects the whole person to God, Mary Ann makes it her mission to bring this form of sung prayer to as many people as possible.