Summer Camps

During an interactive, fun, faith-formative week, we guide students in preparing Gregorian chants and all the sacred music needed for a Sung Mass, Adoration service, or Holy Hour.

Special School-wide Events

For special school Masses, prayer services, for concerts and choral festivals, choir students and/ or ALL students are exposed to Gregorian chant as a timeless and meaningful way to pray and can begin to take their place in this part of Catholic tradition.

Young Catholics desire authentic, timeless ways to connect to their Faith- and ultimately, to God.

The Chant Camp led by Mary Ann was a blessing to the parish community. Mary Ann is very professional, works hard, and adjusts to meet the needs and abilities of the youth. The youth not only learned about Gregorian chant during the camp, but were also catechized in the process as they explored the purpose of sacred music and the meaning of the chants. The camp culminated in a Sunday Mass wherein the youth provided the sacred music. This was a Mass marked by a profound and extraordinary sense of reverence. One parishioner said afterwards, “I wish every Mass was like that!”

-Fr. Corey Tufford – Diocese of San Diego

Whether in a Summer Camp or Classroom setting, the camps provide young people with a multi-disciplinary team experience:

  • Religion: Liturgical formation, basics of how to sing prayers of the Mass and devotional hymns, how to prepare for actual, active participation, and how to intercede for the needs of the Church.
  • Music: understanding the unique melodies and rhythm of Gregorian chant- how we decorate our prayers for God.
  • Language: confidence singing Latin and vernacular (most commonly English and Spanish)
  • History: deep tradition lived in the present, joining the angels and saints in heavenly praise.
  • Community: Making something beautiful for God in a positive, challenging team environment.